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Your Season Has Changed!

You aren’t the same person today you were yesterday. So stop assuming you’ll mess up! Leap over the threshold of this new door. It won’t be the same. You’re different. Your relationships are different. This opportunity is different. Don’t allow the seasons of the past to hold you back ok?

Ending Note:

Craig and I send this to you from South Africa! We’re here for a month activating God’s Next Gen Prophets! If you’re in the region of one of our events, come shake our hand and tell us who you are!

Your Season Has Changed!

By Eloise Flanders

Today's Word is for those caught in a struggle and are looking for a way out!

As I sought the Lord today, I saw you in a bit of a pickle. In this vision, the waters raged, and you were trying hard to navigate the rough turbulent seas. Despite your efforts, you made little to no progress.

The Lord says join Me in the eye of the storm. Come to peace. Allow the winds to blow and the waters to swell. I allowed it, so you won't have to fight this hard to get results.

Allow Me To Direct Your Sails.

"My child, the season has changed. Stop fighting the winds of progress. I understand this change is not the one you planned for. But I saw it coming. Stop all this striving and rest in the chaos.

Let go of the oars. Change your approach to weather the storm. Lean into my unyielding favor and grace for you. You're right where I need you to be.

The Shipwreck Is All A Part Of My Plan.

Recognize your faith has grown. In fear, you fought your own battles; that is all in the past. This time around, you have nothing to prove.

I am revealing your maturity to you. It is time for you to shift. Allow the tides to sway you in the direction I command them. Let go of your understanding.

I Am Your Banner.

Move to the rhythm of the waves. My will for you has not changed. Your circumstances did. The enemy thinks he has you where he wants you. He is wrong.

Take up your instrument and sing songs of praise. When the storm passes, the clouds are gone, and debris is cleared out; you still maintain victory. I have gone before you.

Do Not Look At The Size Of The Storm.

Remember your position in me. Your greatest weapon against the enemy is peace. He is powerless when you're unbothered by his scare.

Fear is not a part of your parcel. Faith is. Rest in the assurance that I will do well by you. The troubled waters are no match to your sound of triumph, says the Lord.

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