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Your Role Is Pivotal, Act Now!

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Any successful event doesn’t happen organically. Behind the scenes, pivotal people, worked hard to make everything move seamlessly.

The Lord calls you today, to be a part of His team. Your role is pivotal. Get your orders and make them come to pass. As a leader, I need you at my back!

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Your Role Is Pivotal, Act Now!

By Dalton Beckering


Today's Prophetic Word is for this specific time and season, pay attention!

Dear Friend,

I feel an urgency in the spirit, as I write this prophetic word to you. It requires your full focus so put everything aside and receive this message from the Lord. DISCLAIMER: This is a timely word, and you need to act in season.

“My child, the ground is shifting. Can you feel it? My troops are marching, they’re in unity, and you’re amongst their ranks. But the work has just begun and I need you to increase the momentum in the spirit.

Pray for my leaders, pray for my prophets, help them release my will into the earth. For I am about to do something no one has seen before. The world has never seen a move like this, and you are at the tip of the spear. You will help usher it in.

I charge you with the burden to pray it through. I require you to be part of the process and to set time aside to intercede. You are one of many who I am recruiting but only a few will answer my voice. So act now!”

For marching orders, join the TMI prayer warriors in our Community of Apostles and Prophets! They’re on the cutting edge in the spirit and they’re looking for more serious intercessors to join them.

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