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Your Resurrection Of A Vision Starts Today

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One of the most painful experiences to face, is a death of a vision. The Lord impregnated you with a vision. Over time, it became a part of you, as you fought, and watched it grow. You plotted a future, only to see it die.

Since then, the Lord has worked. It was preparation so that you could revive the vision again. What stood in the way before, is not gone. This time, you will succeed!

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Your Resurrection Of A Vision Starts Today

By Chaifa Berry

Today's Prophetic Word is a call to the prophets who've faced the death of a vision, the time for resurrection is coming!

This word is for those who've had their vision called to death. You did your best. You fought against the opposition, but it still wasn't good enough.

You moved on with your life and became discouraged. The Lord wants you to know that you did not miss Him! Today, He resurrects that vision.

For the Lord says,

"My child, I gave you that vision. I ignited a fire in you to do my will, but you used your strength to complete it. That contamination caused you to face opposition and add your own ideas to my plan. So I called that vision to death.

I circumcised your heart. Not to hurt you but to prepare you for the vision I always had for you. I processed you and made sure you could hear my voice.

Now, the real work begins. Today, I resurrect My vision. As you step out, you'll see you're not the same vessel you were before. You won't make the same mistakes, and you won't face the same opposition.

This time, my grace and favor will be upon you as you step out to fulfill my plan for your life."

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