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Your Relationship Is About To Go Deeper With The Lord, Through Praise

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Today’s word has the potential to revolutionize your relationship with the Lord. We all have those days when the pressures seem overwhelming. The enemy is trying to rattle you.

It’s in those moments, I stop what I am doing and start to praise the Lord. Even when I don’t feel like it. Praise has the power to lift you above your situation, into the throne room. It was in those times, my relationship with the Lord went to a level because I saw how much He loved me. I saw the plans He had for me. I forgot about the enemy altogether; Jesus was just more important. Nothing deflates the enemy more than ignoring him for Jesus.

Let this word minister to you, and then apply the project at the end as often as possible.

Personal tip: I like using this Praise Project, as a different approach to spiritual warfare. Instead of giving the enemy the praise for all that is going wrong. Praise the Lord, that this is a test of your faith and that with Him, you will overcome. Mountains will move on your behalf! - Apostle Craig Toach

Ending Note:

With this being such a big subject, I know you have some questions. Check out Our NextGen Prophets podcast channel for answers, starting with this episode:

Your Relationship Is About To Go Deeper With The Lord, Through Praise

By Michaeel Velthuysen

Today's Prophetic Word is a call to praise! For all those believers feeling overwhelmed and tired, let this Word encourage you!

As I came to write this word, I saw a prophet dancing and singing out to the Lord. I was reminded of

Psalms 92:4: "For you make me glad by your deeds, Lord. I sing for joy at what your hands have done.”

Praise the Lord, sing your praises to Jesus! No matter what you’re going through, give the Lord praise for all He’s done. See the victory and worship the Lord. Rejoice, and be glad. Stand firm and know that the Lord has taken care of every need.

Sing Out In Praise!

“My child, I see your praise and joy. I see you drawing near to Me. I am calling you to the place of intimacy. You have cried out for change, so I am calling you out of the wilderness! Know that I am right here, and with every breath you sing in praise, My glory will come.

Make that joyful noise. For indeed I am yours and you are mine! Sing this day! Sing like the birds of the sky. Sing out in worship! Don’t hold back your praise, for I am there in the midst of you. For in every breath and song, I am the one leading you. I am calling you to sound the trumpet and to proclaim My glory to the nations,” says the Lord.

Praise Project:

Your faith will stir. You will be bold. You will see God’s victory!

By end of this message from Apostle Colette Toach, you will;

  • Know how to activate your faith!

  • Gain access to the fruit of the Spirit.

  • Know how praise draws you closer to Jesus.

  • Bring every circumstance in line with the favor of God.

Get The Praise Project using the link below and let’s get your praise on, prophet!

Thanks for reading!

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