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Your Process With Jesus Is An Inspiration To Others

My father was a marathon runner, and his toughest race was the Comrades Marathon. The hardest part was not the 56 miles of uphill and down running, but an embankment entering the stadium to finish. Already fatigued, it took all he could muster to clear this obstacle. Only then did the cheering erupt to welcome him to the finish line.

Paul tells us to run the race with all endurance, but you weary. Today, the Lord motions you to push on through! Your experience has changed you. You are stronger. Your relationship with the Lord is closer. You now stand ready to collect the prize! And as an extra bonus, the Lord will use you to inspire others in their race.

Ending Note:

Happy New Year! May this year be one of much favor and blessing. Did you listen to the New Year’s word, by Colette? If not, don’t worry you still can.

Your Process With Jesus Is An Inspiration To Others

By Anne Chen

Today's Prophetic Word is here to rejuvenate the tired prophets!

I saw you as a runner nearing the end of a marathon. Every bone in your body hurts, your lungs are burning and you're wondering if you can make it to the finish. But keep going! You're almost at the end. Your journey had a greater purpose than you realize.

"My child, though you think you can't go on realize your goal is in sight. You're not alone in this race. As you persevered through bleak circumstances, you became a light in the darkness for others to follow. Your journey gave hope to those who had none.

Every time you stumbled, you grabbed hold of my hand to steady you. When you ran out of strength, you leaned on mine to get you through. I didn't hide any of your processes from others for a purpose. You strengthened my people through your tenacity and obedience.

You're not running this race for yourself but for my people. When you look to one side, you'll see others that are running with you. Many others are following your example. So don’t lose heart, my beloved, but keep going. I will sustain you, strengthen you and be the wind at your back as you finish this leg of your race."

Thanks for reading!

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