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Your Personal Invitation To The Secret Place With Jesus

Adams’ first day on earth, the Lord told him to rest! That sound like a waste of time. I could see Adam ready to go, excited to be on the earth. Right there we see an important principle. It is not our actions only that cause success. Until you have a blueprint, your actions are in vain. You are working hard at nothing. Today the Lord calls you to rest, and to allow Him to impart the new blueprint for the season ahead.

Ending Note:

Check out today’s NextGen Prophets podcast episode. It is the third of a three-step process to help prepare you for the new year!

Your Personal Invitation To The Secret Place With Jesus

By Eloise Flanders

Today's Word is the perfect way to prepare you for the end of this year.

This word is for those who have started a new assignment. The Lord knows your heart and dedication to do what He asked of you. Today, He desires to fill you up.

As eager as you are to work this new land, you need time in His presence to get the layout. He gave you this job because you are the right one to get it done. But first, He invites you to sit at His feet.

The Lord says,

"I love that you are passionate about the work before you. I can tell there is a lot you desire to bring before me. My child, rest on My bosom for a while.

Right now, you are weary from the last assignment. Do not run ahead of Me. You can't do the work with an empty cup. With this new assignment, I have new instructions to share with you.

Lay your tasks aside for a moment. Allow Me to minister to you. I invite you into the secret place, not for you to do the talking. It is my turn to share My plans with you.

You can't receive wisdom in a hast. With your ambition directed at Me, you will receive strength for tomorrow. With the blueprint in hand, you have direction.

Find peace in the quiet. When you have all I have for you, you will be ready to take on the assignment, says the Lord."

Thanks for reading!

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