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Your Persistence Will Increase Your Faith

Presented by Toach Ministries International

An enemy’s weapon to crush you is for you to discover your weaknesses when under the spotlight. It’s devastating to know the will of God, to step out and you don’t see it come to pass. At that moment, you start to doubt yourself.

Today the Lord, as your coach, wants to develop your spiritual muscles and build your confidence. He wants to help you overcome your insecurities and transform them into a strength. The Lord needs you to shine in the anointing and bless God’s people, you have it in you.

Ending Note:

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Your Persistence Will Increase Your Faith

By Denise Jordan

Today's Prophetic Word is for every believer battling with doubt and insecurity!

When I prayed for you today, I felt a challenge from the Holy Spirit. We often think that our faith will grow if we pray harder. Yet, faith comes when we invest more.

Perhaps you’re overwhelmed with an impossible situation. Perhaps you’re crying out to the Lord to give you more faith. If this is you, take the Lord’s challenge today, and put your faith into action!

The Lord says to you,

“My child, I’m calling you to walk by faith. This means you need to move. I’m not calling you to sit by faith but to walk by faith. An athlete trains their muscles specifically for their discipline. In the same way, I need you to strengthen your faith muscles according to the mandate I’ve given you.

You need to invest in your faith. Faith won’t fall from the sky or come upon you while you sleep. Faith is a fruit of investment into your obedience.

So My child, plot a course. Don’t remain inactive. Don’t think you need to pray harder to receive more faith. Rather, do more to invest in your call and your faith will grow.

It’s like lifting weights. If you lift a certain weight every day, you strengthen your muscles. Soon, that weight won't be a challenge anymore. Then you're ready to upgrade to the next weight.

Your faith can grow in the same way. Stop asking me to increase you without your investment. No one goes to a gym and becomes a bodybuilder just because they showed up. They need to put the work in. They need to follow a strict diet and a set training regime. They need to invest time to reach that goal.

So, what are you seeking faith for? Invest. Practice. Train. Study. Don’t wait for the faith to come upon you. For when you walk in obedience and invest, I will indeed add my gift of faith to you. I will double the faith you’ve built and supernaturally empower you. But it starts with investment, My child!”

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