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Your Opposition Is Preparing You For Blessing

With every new move of God, it faced opposition. Moses had to be hidden in a river, and Jesus was sent to Egypt. The Lord’s promises will come to pass, but first, you need to overcome the attack of the enemy! It serves two purposes: 1. you take away the enemies' hold over you, and 2. It positions you for the blessing.

Ending Note:

This time of year can bring up a lot. We are here to help you! We have live chat available with one of our team ready to minister to you. Let us be there for you!

Your Opposition Is Preparing You For Blessing

By Eloise Flanders

Today's Word is going to prepare you for this coming year with peace.

Years have passed since your prophetic word. Perhaps you have forgotten or doubt this word will come to pass. God has not forgotten you! The Lord is preparing you for the manifestation of His word.

With every word from the Lord comes opposition and preparation. Do not lose hope. The opposition from the enemy is relevant. It is a sign that you are on the right path.

Look No Further!

"You are busy looking for signs of My word coming to pass for you that you missed the biggest hint of all. The powers of darkness are in full effect. My child, this resistance is a sign of My hand at work.

The enemy wants you to take your eyes off Me. He wants you only to see the warfare. Though you should not ignore it, I need you to see My work. Do warfare to clear the view before you.

While the enemy is putting up warning signs wanting you to go no further. The enemy's opposition is not the issue here. You have become weary in this fight.

My word remains true. See that I am using every opportunity to shape you to walk in the anointing and blessing I promised you. Wield your sword once more.

Take a look at the sudden shift in your positioning. You are learning to fight at a higher level. Your sword is getting sharper with every battle you face. Do not give up now.

The display of My promise is one to look forward to seeing. So do not back down. I am moving mountains on your behalf. Nothing you face goes unnoticed. Stay focused on the price ahead.

I am with you in the heat of battle. I am holding your hand during the storm. Nothing the enemy attempts will overtake you. I have spoken, and My word will come to pass, says the Lord."

Thanks for reading!

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