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Your Next Promotion Is Found In The Heat Of Battle

You aren’t the kind who plays it safe. So why start now? It’s time to jump into battle.

It’s in the heat of battle that you see how much you have changed. Allow the child in you to stand as the warrior you are in Jesus. Let Him take you by the hand and lead you to victory!

Ending Note:

Are you a scholar yet? If so, join me on 3rd December when my wife, Colette Toach will teach on circumstantial healing. It’s Christmas and I know that it brings up A LOT. Did you know that the Lord is already arranging healing though? Come and receive healing.

Your Next Promotion Is Found In The Heat Of Battle

By Chaifa Berry

Today's Word is an encouragement for those in spiritual warfare, this is your sign to keep fighting!

Here’s a truth coined by Apostle Colette Toach: “Everyone wants to be victorious, without the battle.”

Yet, it’s the battle that makes you. God never promised that there'll be no valleys, but He does promise you that He’ll walk through every one of them with you. It’s in the valleys that you grow strong in the Lord. Don’t rush out. There is good in the valleys and battles. God says to you,

“My child, though I want to take away every struggle from you, I cannot take away your wilderness. For it is this journey that defines you. It’s here that your identity is revealed. I cannot take away the hard times up ahead, but one thing I promise is that you will walk out of your wilderness stronger. You will have more faith, love, and hope.

So don’t be discouraged, or even quick to come out of the wilderness. For it’s in this place that I receive your strongest devotion. It’s in the wilderness that you meet me because I am your only strength.

It’s here that you become strong and capable, and you learn who you are.

Instead of rushing to get out, spend this time learning something new about Me. Come to know a side of Me, that you have yet to learn. As you do, you discover what I can do through you, and it is no longer dependent on you.

Every time you run out of faith, run to me and you will believe. When you have no hope, come to me and I will give you vision. When there is no love in your heart, turn to Me, and I’ll give you My perspective on your situation. In this season, child, I equip you. So much so, that when you reach your Promised Land, you’ll be strong and capable to subdue it.

Because you have spent time leaning on Me, you’ll have everything you need. So do not despise your valleys and wilderness child, for it is only for a moment, and it is where you meet me face to face,” says the Lord.

Personal Project: How to Grow Strong in the Lord, in Your Wilderness Season.

1. Describe your wilderness/trial in this season. (Is it your marriage? Career? Learning a new skill? Ministry? etc…)

2. What are 3 steps you can do to lean on the Lord in this season?

3. Make a schedule and plan how you can implement these steps right away.

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