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Your Insecurities Don't Define You

I hated my childhood nickname, “String-bean” It just added to my insecurities, about being a disproportional weirdo. Images of the plastic man and his body that could not control itself plagued my thoughts.

It was only when I started playing rugby that I saw the advantage. My body shape gave me the advantage to jump higher than most players. I held a specialist position, and my team needed me!

My confidence went to a whole new level. My insecurity became my boast. The same can happen to you. The Lord awaits the opportunity to change your insecurities into a boast! Dare you allow Him?

Your Insecurities Don't Define You

By Denise Jordan

Today's Word is for the ones struggling to overcome their insecurities.

When I was praying for you, the Lord showed me your struggle with your insecurities. Instead of gaining victory, they’ve become heavy weights on your shoulders. The Lord is stepping in today to give you a new perspective.

“My child, I’ve seen the battle you’ve fought with your insecurities. You’ve tried to cover them with your strengths. You’ve tried to cover them by ignoring them.

What you haven’t yet done though, is surrender them to Me. I’ll pour My anointing and strength upon them, and turn them into superpowers. What you don’t realize is that there are so many of My children who battle with the same insecurities you do. They’re crying out for help.

If you can surrender them to Me, I can impart to you the wisdom to help them break free.

When you hide them away, they’re in the dark where the enemy has jurisdiction for attack. Rather bring them into the light for if you walk in the light, you also walk in My power!

Your insecurities contain so much potential. Unless you give them to me though, you won't find out where my grace and anointing can take you. Let me pick up the weight and fill it with My anointing. When you pick it back up, it will be a source of healing to many,” says the Lord.

Apostles Craig and Colette Toach discuss the topic of insecurity in depth in their NextGen Prophets Podcast episode 215. Check it out:

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