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Your Hurt Is A Potential Trap For The Enemy's Use

The last time you experienced hurt, your greatest desire, was for someone to understand and help you. Instead, you faced further rejection. Right there you must choose to either get bitter and fall into the enemy’s trap, or fall into the arms of Jesus and find your healing. Today the Lord woes you into His arms of love, will you come?

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Your Hurt Is A Potential Trap For The Enemy's Use

By Bethany Sealy

Today's Word is your reminder that healing is available to you, and that God is calling you for it.

I remember as a child, I loved the snow. Snow was an opportunity for an adventure. Including snowball fights. A dozen snowballs to the face revealed my older brother would be the victor. "He’s not getting away with this. I’m telling Dad!”

Dad laughed, “you’re fine, go play.” His response deflated me, “Why didn’t he care?”

In those moments of hurt, the enemy tells you no one cares or understands. Just hide the hurt away because no one will do anything about it anyway.

The Lord says to you today, "I see your hurts and I see your wounds. I see the aches and pains and bruises you’ve endured along the way at the hand of those you loved the most. I have not turned my eyes away from you, nor have my ears been deaf to your cries. I am here to heal you. I am here to listen to you and to understand you. I am waiting with my arms open to welcome you, to dry those tears, and pour my oil of rejoicing over those wounds. Won’t you come to me and show me? Won’t you bring me your scars and broken pieces and allow me to make them new again? I have all that you need in my hands and I am here to give it to you. Won’t you come," says the Lord.

Jesus calls to you, beloved. Won’t you come and be made new, today?

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