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Your Healing Will Come When You Let Jesus Help You Overcome The Flesh

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

The Lord calls you to healing today. You don't need to walk around with your wounds. The first step is to face that you can't do this alone. You need the miraculous hand of the Lord! So let these words wash over you and bring you healing. No matter how you feel today, there is a way out! Love and blessings, Colette Toach P.S. If you're ready to go deeper, I recommend the Counseling in the Trenches course in our Fivefold Ministry Campus. Walk alongside Jesus and experience your breakthrough today. Check it out here:

Are you tired of fighting every day? This prophetic word is for YOU! by Eloise Flanders

Allow me to continue writing your story.

Have you been feeling like you are wasted goods? Have you been running away from the Lord because of all the mistakes you continue to make? It seems like you're trying so hard to be a good person and to do the right thing. Yet, you fall flat on your face every time. Today, the Lord is asking you to stop trying to overcome the world's way. Positive thinking can only get you so far. Pushing the emotions that are coming up will only make matters worse. What may seem so hard to do is actually the enemy using your weaknesses against you.

It's time to face your reality. You've been failing at overcoming the flesh because you haven't allowed the Lord to show you the open door that has given the enemy a foothold in your life. You're more concerned about what people will think rather than getting the help you need to set you free. Instead of trying to work it out in the dark, expose these weaknesses to gain victory. Allow the Lord to be your fortress.

"My child, I never required perfection from you. I've called you out of the dark so why are you hiding? Your flaws and failures didn't stop Me from chasing after you. I drew you to Me in spite of it all. So, allow Me to bring healing to your brokenness. I'm not the one holding back your breakthrough. It's your pride that's standing in the way. You know that you need help but you keep hiding in the shadows hoping that you'll get your answers in secret.

It's when you step out into the light that your healing will come. The enemy would like nothing more than to hold you in the dark but I called you out to expose his scheme. The enemy wants you to feel unworthy and alone. You aren't alone, My child. I'm allowing these things to come up so that you can face them head-on and aren't bullied by the devil any longer. Activate your faith and just do it. Step out knowing that I have your back and have arranged the circumstances and people to help get you the healing you're searching for.

As you reach out by faith for your healing, I'll perform it openly. Your story will help bring healing to others and you'll see My hand at work in your life. In the dark, I can't do anything. So, be the salt I've called you to be. Your victory won't just be for you but for others to see My restorative power. Be the light for all to see that I'm God and there's nothing that I can't do for those who trust in Me," says the Lord.

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