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Your Healing Will Come When You Heal Others

I know it hurts. You want someone to be there for you, like you are to others. I get it. Jesus gets it. Thing is, He’s given you a very special anointing. You have the anointing to heal the hearts of the broken. Often this means taking your eyes off your own pain to pour out. It’s NOT easy! However, it is your grace. You can do what others can’t. I can promise you this though: When you heal others, Jesus will heal you.

Allow this word to minister to you today. Jesus hears you. He sees you. He just planted this word in your inbox, so trust me… He will follow through with His promise!

Ending Note:

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Your Healing Will Come When You Heal Others

By Anne Chen

If you have an inner healing ministry, Today's Word is for you!

When I prayed for you, I saw that you've been asking, seeking, and knocking on God's door with all your heart for Him to heal you. You've been persistent because you know God has your answer. It's been a while so you're getting discouraged. But today, God wants to speak to you and give you an answer that shares far more than what you've been asking. He wants to open a door for you to step into who He has called you to be.

"My child, I know you're thirsty. You've been wandering around in the desert looking for the water I promised you. But I am not withholding anything from you, my beloved. You're searching in the wrong place.

I have supplied you with an unlimited supply of living water to quench your thirst and heal your wounds. When you drink, it'll change your perception of everything you see. But you can't find this water by searching within or by going to a specific place. You'll only find it by pouring out to others.

Stop searching for your own healing, but open your eyes to those who are broken and hurt around you. Look to those that are searching for the water that you seek. I've chosen you to bring the healing that they're praying for. I've chosen you to bring water to their desert. Your journey seeking after me has made a way in the wilderness for others to follow.

Don't be discouraged or afraid. Just lift your head and see my people. Stretch out your hand to touch them with my love. Find a way to set them free and you’ll tame the gnawing in your belly and the ache in your heart. For this is what I have created you to do, my child.

So turn your eyes away from yourself and toward those that are broken and bound. Step out in faith and I will be there with you. Find your place as my mighty warrior that I've called and prepared to heal my people says the Lord."

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