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Your Father Sees You Today And Is Here To Help

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Don't allow your struggle to separate you from the life-bringer! The Father fights alongside you today. So take His hand and receive the hope you need to press on! Like Nathan Berry suggested, grab hold of 8 Ways to Hear God's Voice and study to show yourself approved!

Your Father is talking to you! He is already giving you step-by-step instructions of what to do in your situation. You just don't realize that what you heard was His voice. Let this book help you! The Father desires you to succeed! Love and blessings Colette Toach P.S. Meet you in Houston, Texas! Craig and I along with the Next Gen Prophets team will be in Texas! Fly in, drive in, and tell us your name. Registration is free and seats are running out. GET THE LAST SEATS HERE:

This word is for you if you've been feeling like the Father has left you to walk alone! by Nathan Berry

Your Father is with you! This word is for you if you've been experiencing circumstances in your life that seem to tell you the only person you can trust is yourself. The enemy has been lying to you long enough! Today, your Father reaches out to you. He reminds you of His love for you. He wants you to know that He has a special experience lined up. Listen to these words and complete the project at the end. It's time to see the rebellious circumstances in your life come in line with God's plan.

You've Been Grafted In - You're Part of Me

“My child, when you gave your life to me, I grafted you in. I made you a part of me. You're mine and I'm yours. I'm your Father and it's not in my nature to abandon my children. We don't have a relationship where I'm here today and gone tomorrow. I'm a Father that is always present.

When problems arise in your life, it may feel as though I'm not there. Yet, if you sit long enough and wait for all the noise, the fears and worries, to subside, you'll hear me in the quiet. I'm always arranging, organizing, and collaborating with others to help you succeed in the call I've given you.

I'm Always With You

Hear me, my child. Hear me in the voice of your friends. Hear me as I speak to you through your circumstances, helping you to see which way you should and shouldn't go. Hear me as I guide you through words from kingdom leaders and confirm your steps through my prophets.

I’m always watching and I'm always there. I'm with you to protect and lead you. No longer believe the enemy that I'm a Father that delights in watching you suffer. Don't listen to him as he tells you that I seek to teach you lessons by crushing your hope. I'm the giver of life and the bringer of hope. Most importantly, I'm a Father that will do anything to see my children succeed", says the Lord.


  1. Bind the enemy's lies! Take every thought captive that tells you your Heavenly Father is not there for you.

  2. Get your hands on 8 Ways to Hear God's Voice by Apostle Colette Toach -

As you go through this book, pay close attention to the chapter on how God speaks to you through your circumstances. The enemy has long tried to block you from experiencing the Father's love for you. As you learn to hear God through your circumstances, you will experience a love from your Father that will restore your hope and recharge your faith.

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