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Your Assignment Isn’t Over Yet. Keep Going!

The prophetic type, Nehemiah receives prayer assignments. If you’re a Nehemiah, you feel the weight of that prayer call. The Lord wakes you early in the morning. You feel the burden with you throughout the day. It’s tiring! It’s why God chose you to carry this care. You’re specifically anointed for the task. The church NEEDS YOU! Love and blessings, Colette Toach

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Today's word is for all the Nehemiah Prophets! by Chaifa Berry

Have you ever started a task tired, before you began? Instead of taking your first step, you meditated on the process. You thought about how much effort it would take to clean your house. Before you picked up a broom, you’re weary. Every task you undergo starts in your mind. It’s the same principle with your God-given assignments. You can’t get to your promised land in one day. And if you try, you’ll get tired before your first step. Today, God imparts to you the right mindset that leads to victory.

“My child, don’t get overwhelmed with the size of the field that needs to be worked. If you focus on everything that needs work, you’ll be tired before you begin. Instead, divide the work and conquer what you can, one day at a time. Put your efforts into the task at hand. Put your heart into what's in your power to do today. For when you take it one day at a time, you’ll gain ground and the ground that you gain won't be taken from you.

Take care of today, for tomorrow will have its worries. You can't get ahead of yourself, lest you leave today’s work undone, and fall behind. The power is in your mindset. If you can get that right, there is so much more that you can do for My Kingdom. Rather work the field, bit by bit, than attempt to scale a mountain in one day. Indeed, your progress will be seen in the harvest that you leave behind you. The soil you till today and the seeds you plant today will surely feed you tomorrow. Work with diligence child, rather than move quickly ahead. It’s diligence and perseverance that will reward you for your labor,” says the Lord. Personal Project: Don’t Get Overwhelmed. Divide and conquer your God-given assignment.

  1. Identify an assignment that God has given you.

  2. State the end goal. What's the vision?

  3. Break it down into small tasks you can do every day.

  4. Do it.

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