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You're Positioned In The Marketplace By God

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Don't believe the lie that you're missing God! Just because ministry doors aren't opening in the Church doesn't mean you're out of line! I want to demolish that lie from the enemy! God has called you to be part of the marketplace movement. So stand tall today and embrace this message.

When you embrace your position, the Lord will give you wisdom for the next step. We got your back!

Love and blessings Colette Toach

If you're positioned in the marketplace, then this Prophetic Word is for You! by Nathan Berry

Cultivate the Land in Your Workplace

You've not stumbled on that job by accident. You're not even there because you need money to live and take care of your family. The Father has need of you right where you stand. Find out today, why the Father has given you land to cultivate in your workplace.

Give That Marketplace to God

“My child, be confident in the position I've placed you in. You're not here because of your qualifications. You're not here to make sure that you can take care of yourself. I've positioned you to open doors for My people.

Allow Me to show you how to take the job I've given you and use it as a tool for the advancement of My Kingdom. It's time to build My church. It's time to do the warfare and the labor necessary for the marketplace system to be under My control.

Create an Environment of Wealth

I'm training you, just as I did Joseph, to rule in the world systems. As you embrace and walk out this call that I've positioned you to succeed in, wisdom will come upon you in your wake and in your sleep. You'll begin to see My plans and hear My instructions for your workplace.

Step out, My beloved. Seek Me deliberately in this area. You're perfectly in place to spearhead more channels of blessing and more job opportunities for My servants. I've anointed you to create an environment of wealth, favor, and success. Your obedience will make it possible for others to build in the land I've given them", says the Lord.


  1. First step: Answer the Father's call. The Father has commissioned you to complete an assignment. Sign the dotted line on His contract.

  2. Ask Him to reveal the plans of this assignment.

  3. Take note of any dreams, prophetic words, and instructions you receive this week.

  4. Write down the common theme and instructions you received more than once. This is your obedience to follow.

  5. Take your first step of obedience in line with step 4.

You won’t look at your job the same way any longer. Every day, go in knowing that you're an undercover agent of the Most High. Your mission, should you choose to accept it - let God rule and reign in your workplace through your obedience and create opportunities to advance the kingdom.

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