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You’re Positioned For An Encounter In The Wilderness

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

If you’re always in the noise, it's hard to hear the Lord’s voice.

So He will lead you into the wilderness. I know many who kick and scream when this happens. I’ve come to crave these seasons in my life. When the Lord draws me into the wilderness, I know that He’s positioning me for an encounter. So if you feel your circumstances pushing you into a dry season, don’t freak out! Embrace this time.

Because when all is quiet and you aren’t distracted, you will come face to face with the Lord Jesus. He desires to be alone with you!

Love and blessings, Colette Toach

If you're feeling alone in the wilderness, this prophetic word is for You! by Michael Velthuysen

As I came to write this word, I saw a lonely believer who was wandering the desert without any hope or promise. God has a message for you today!

Lonely No More!

“My child, you aren’t alone in this desert. I’m bringing you into the wilderness so that you may experience Me and who I am. I know this walk ahead is lonely and you’re growing weary. But chin up, My child! Look up and see who I’m creating you to be. You’re My mighty warrior and during this season in the desert, I want you to know who I am!

I want you to know that no matter what comes your way, I’ll still provide the manna and the water to nourish you. Don’t give up just yet, My child. Don’t lose your hope, for indeed, I’ve given you a plan and purpose that needs to come to pass in the next season. So, take this time in the wilderness as a time of rest and solitude to be alone in My presence. My plan is to shape you into the right vessel that I need you to be in order to fulfill My works.

Keep Marching On!

Never forget, My child, I’m with you through every dark and sunny day. I stand beside you holding your hand! I’m giving you this hope to keep marching on, for this season will be over and you’ll enter into the next one. But for right now, hold onto My gentle hand and let Me lead you to where I want you to go.

Cherish these moments of coming to know Me face-to-face. The journey ahead will be long, but I’m right here by your side. It’s time you enter into My presence, for I’ll be there to guide you. Trust in Me,” says the Lord.


  1. Take time each day to just sit in His presence, grasp who He is, and feel His mighty hand over you.

That’s all you need to do! Just sit and let His amazing agape love and anointing shower you. Don’t give up hope. Allow the Lord to take you to this next season. You aren’t alone! God is with you!

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