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You’re Not Waiting For God. God’s Waiting For You

When God told Craig and I to go to leave our ministry family and go to Switzerland, we were terrified!

What if we didn’t hear clear enough? What if we failed? So we waited to “see if this was really of Him.“ Eventually, the Lord said, “I can part the Red Sea, but then you need to walk through it!” So we stepped out!

We wouldn‘t have half my team today if we hadn’t been crazy enough to go into the unknown. So I applaud all the trailblazers today! I know what it feels like and I’m cheering you all the way.

Love and blessings Colette Toach

P.S. Craig and I put two months aside to mentor prophets ready to embrace their mandate. We only have our Prophetic Mentorship Program once a year. If you‘re ready to say “Yes“ to your call as a prophet, then allow us to coach and release you!

If you are waiting on the Lord, then this Prophetic Word is for you! by Chaifa Berry

When I came to the Lord to get a word for you, He showed me a vision of you at a stop light. You didn’t go, even though the light was green. God says that He waits for you to make a move,

“My child, I wait for you to take your first step of faith. For as you step out, your actions will release My power. With each step of faith you take, momentum builds, and circumstances will line up in your favor.

So don't wait for the right emotion to fall upon you. It will not happen. Instead, step out in obedience to Me.

The first step is often hard, but you must overcome the pressure to delay. Once you get moving, I’m there to meet you. I’m there to arrange circumstances in your favor.

My words create something out of nothing, but unless you speak them out, it’s no use. It’s my words through you, and your actions of faith that command my angels to do their duties. Your obedience to my word is what makes all the difference.

So, don’t focus on the discomfort that you feel. Instead, focus on the fact that with your actions, you pass the baton to Me. You give me license to lead you towards success. Take that one step of obedience that is before you this day and pass me the baton to do my part,” says the Lord


Practical Project: Make The First Move.

1. Identify the "green lights" in your life. What obedience is God waiting for you to do?

2. Do not delay. Do one action right now, obey that instruction.

Check out for more!

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