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You're Not Meant To Be Alone.

We’re continually faced with a dilemma. Do we let people into our life, and run the risk of being hurt, or do we go it alone? All we need is Jesus - right? But God created us with a need. Adam needed Eve to be complete. Relationships are a gift from God. He put the need in you and brought people into your life to bless you. You might be hurt, but it can never outweigh the joy of a godly relationship with Jesus in the center. Are you ready to step out?

You're Not Meant To Be Alone.

By Chaifa Berry

Today's Word is for those who've been hurt by those closest to them. This is your sign God wants to heal you.

Has someone you loved hurt you?

This is a human experience we all share. When it happens, you have a choice to make. You can build a wall and believe the worse in people. Or, you can hurt through it, and heal with Jesus. Today, God asks you to let down your guard, so you can enjoy the relationships in your life. He says to you,

But until you lower the walls, you’ll not see fruit in your relationships. I have many I desire to connect with you. Recognize those I’ve brought you to pour into and connect with. You are no longer alone, My child. Open your eyes and see what I’ve done for you. I’m by your side and I’ve surrounded you with love.” Amen.

Personal Project: Not Alone For The Holidays

1: In what area(s) of your life, have you chosen to be alone?

2: Decide to connect with others. Choose a safe place, with people you trust, to share the topic you’ve been hiding.

3: How did you feel after sharing it?

4: What fears did you have before sharing? What was the reality?

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