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You’re Not Lost, Every Direction And Roadblock Was Of God To Shape You

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Our path led us to Houston Texas this week. We’ve been breaking ground in the spirit as a team and like you, we consider all the paths we’ve taken. Had we not left South Africa, you would not get this email. Had we not gone through the losses and challenges, I wouldn’t have written my books!

What about you? What can you say about the hardships and roadblocks you faced? Today I invite you to rejoice in your journey. Every challenge you faced has shaped you! Every wrong turn led you here. Your Father has ordered your path and shaped you for His purpose. It’s an honor to walk alongside you!

Love and blessings Colette Toach P.S. Support the Apostles and Team for their trip in Houston Texas as they break ground. Give a Love Gift Here:

Are you feeling discouraged and disconnected? This Prophetic Word is For You! by Chaifa Berry

God shaped Paul for the Gentiles and Peter for the Jews. He shaped each one to reach a particular audience and He has done the same with you.

Your life may feel like disconnected paths, but God has always been in control. He has used all your experience to prepare you for those you're meant to reach. He says to you,

“Though you’ve felt like I’ve led you on many disconnected paths, I've never lost control of your process. I have a plan that is bigger than your comfort zone and your understanding.

Step back and you'll see a tapestry of every path you’ve walked. For I'm strategic and I blind the enemy of My plans. When he thinks he knows My plans for you, I send him in the wrong direction. In doing so, I’ve sometimes left you in the dark.

I'm a master planner and I use everything for My glory. Every time you ventured out on a new journey, you gained experience - I added a layer of wisdom.

I waste nothing. As wine distills and ages, so have I given you depth of character. This isn't something you can produce. Depth is something I do to you, and that's the journey you’ve been on.

So, don’t despise the small beginnings, the detours, or roadblocks, for they’ve added to your character. I’ve built you up to be the perfect vessel that will reach the audience I send you to. My child, you think I’ve forgotten you, but I’ve been preparing you for the people I’ve called you to reach. I’ve been adding onto you what makes you effective and stripping what dulls your ministry.

So, today, as I open the doors, open your mouth to speak. I’ve taken you on a journey and what comes out of your mouth is Me. I'm the author of your process. Just as I've shaped you through your journey, you'll open your mouth and shape others on theirs. Trust in the work that I’ve done in you, child, for it's a good work. I’ve prepared you for such a time as this,” says the Lord.

Practical Project: It’s time to take inventory. What experiences and wisdom have you gained in life?

1. Identify every “venture” God took you through, as well as every hard knock. 2. Make a list of the wisdom and experience you gained through each journey.

3. Now, take a look at that list, and put on paper the identity God has shaped in you.

4. Who are you?

5. Can you identify who God has shaped you for?

Check out for more!

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