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You're Not Alone! Jesus Sees You Even When No One Else Does

Don’t give up, prophet! God put you in a very dry place. Like Ezekiel all you see are dead bones. I promise though, you will bring change! Today’s word is a reminder that you’re in God’s perfect will! Ignore the naysayers! Push past your doubts because you’re going to shake the gates of hell and set God’s people free.

You're Not Alone! Jesus Sees You Even When No One Else Does

By Anne Chen

Today's Word is for the Ezekial prophets feeling overwhelmed by their jobs, this is your sign to push through!

Ezekiel prophet, your job isn't an easy one! When God tasks you with bringing life to a desert of dry bones, remember this job isn't a quick fix. Keep going! God knows who He's called for the task. You're perfectly positioned for what He wants to do.

"My child, don't be discouraged because you don't see any results. You're not out of my will. You're exactly where I want you to be. I chose you because you're willing to love through an impossible task. I gave you this assignment because you carry my heart. You speak my word despite others' disdain and contempt. You'll pay any price to free my people.

Others may think you're a fool. But I will bring about miracles as a result of your foolishness. My people see me through your courage and persistence. Keep bringing joy. Keep bringing laughter to counteract strife and depression. Defuse every weapon of the enemy with laughter.

You bring life through your obedience. When you take action, you make progress no matter how small, or outlandish my requests seem. So don't be discouraged. You're the vessel I've shaped to bring life to this barren desert. Keep focused on me. Let me be your source of strength. Come to me daily and I'll fill you with my love and joy. Persevere in doing good. Soon you'll see the change I've promised says the Lord."

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