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You're Loved And Wanted!

Look at how far you’ve come. Do you think Jesus will stop saving you now? No matter how many times you failed, He picked you up. No matter how lost you were, He always found you. Remember that as you read this word today. You’re loved. You’re favored. You’re wanted by the King.

Ending Note:

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You're Loved And Wanted!

By Nathan Berry

Today's Word is for those who feel rejected and unwanted! The Lord has a place for you!

This word is for you, if you've felt abandoned or unwanted. The Father stands before you, and He is picking you up in His arms. He has something special that He's been waiting to share with you:

You're Not An Orphan, I'm Your Father!

"My beloved, you're not disadvantaged because of the background that you came from. Your value is not less than others because you were not born amongst more favorable circumstances. I brought a Savior to this world that was born in a manger. Yet, he was my child. He was the son of the most high King.

So it is with you. No longer look at your circumstances to determine your value. I have adopted to you. You're a child of the King of Kings. You're the chosen of the Lord of Lords. Yours is the kingdom of heaven. Yours is my grace and favor.

You're Loved And Wanted

Fix your eyes on the fact that you are mine. I called you of utter darkness. I elevated you because I chose you and saw the value in you. Shake off those lies that you're useless. This is an outright lie. I have not spoken these words to you.

It is not me that comes and makes you feel unloved and unwanted. I'm here wrapping my arms around you and reminding you that I'm your Father. You're not an orphan. I have not abandoned you and I never will. Believe my words and settle in your place as my child," says the Lord.


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