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You’re Good Enough! God Says, “Stop Trying To Fix Yourself”

Updated: May 20, 2022

Come to peace! It’s great that you see your flaws. This denotes maturity. However, you cannot change yourself! It takes a work of the Holy Spirit to bring this change. When we try to change ourselves, we mess things up. We don’t have that kind of power. Only Jesus can heal. Only the Holy Spirit can form you into a new vessel.

So stop it! 😁 Stop trying to fix the broken. You might find out that it’s the broken Jesus loves most about you!

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If you feel distracted by all your flaws, then this prophetic word is for YOU! by Eloise Flanders

As I prayed for you today, the Lord showed me a picture of you focused on fixing your flaws. He desires that you allow Him to shape the areas that are hindering your progress. Your hand keeps getting in His way. You may be thinking if you could just fix this one thing you would be able to walk out your call flawlessly. The Lord wants to remind you that He is the one shaping you. He will address the character flaws that need to be addressed one step at a time. He will only address what's hindering your process to walking out your call. So, come to peace with the vessel you are right now. Allow the Lord to use you as He pleases to accomplish His will.

The Lord is saying to you: "My child, when I called you on this journey I knew all your imperfections. I knew what needed to be worked on and what didn't affect your walk with Me. Your imperfections and foolishness are what attracted you to Me in the first place. I take pleasure in shaping the parts of you that you give to Me. Don't think that I'm unable to use you because you're insecure. What you may think needs correcting is actually distracting you from what is really hindering your progress.

So, get rid of that deception that you are able to fix yourself. The enemy wants you to believe that I can't use you unless you have worked hard at perfecting yourself. I will always confirm My word to you and this is how you know what is of Me and what is a trick from the enemy. It's time to pull down the strongholds in your mind causing you to believe that you aren't good enough. You're My special vessel of honor and I will use you even when you don't feel your best. I'm making a warrior out of you with every trial you face. My hand is shaping and strengthening your spiritual muscles.

So, come now, My child, and rest in My ability to shape you into the vessel that I need you to be in every given situation. It isn't your hard work that will please Me. It's your willingness to sit at My feet, to pour into you time and time again to fulfill My work through you. I have given you what you need right now. Give up your striving. Rest assured that I will be glorified through you as you do My will in the earth."

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