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You’re called to be on the cutting edge

It sounds so alluring. “You'll be on the cutting edge.” Only those called to step out know the cost of this call. Yet no matter how much you try to shake it, that call follows you!

This is a call to prophetic and apostolic leaders. The move of God is on us and it’s time to step up and lead.

A prophetic word for the trailblazers and builders of the church!

by Nathan Berry

If the Father has called you to pave the way for kingdom growth and acceleration,

this word is for you! It's time for you to evolve and accelerate so that you can stand equipped to lead the rest of the church.

My Kingdom is Ready for Takeover!

“I’ve called you to be on the cutting edge. I’m taking My church through an evolution. Over the past couple of years, the enemy thought he’d cripple My people. He tried using the power of sickness and disease to close down ministries. He thought he’d win by shutting doors in the religious system. Yet, I took the work of the enemy and used it against him.

My church grew exponentially. My Kingdom stretched beyond buildings, into internet systems, and many social media platforms. My church has begun to evolve into an unstoppable kingdom. It's taking over every system and medium of this world.

So, My child, realize that I’m breathing on you to go through changes in your perspectives and mindset. What’s in your hand today? Don't hold onto it in fear that you have nothing more. Hand it to me so that I might multiply it like I did with the loaves and fish.

I Desire to Use You for Kingdom Acceleration

It’s time for you to go through an acceleration of your process. I’m inducing you for labor. The pressures and circumstances that are stretching you are of Me. I desire for you to become a vessel that thinks and sees life differently. It’s time to accomplish promises that your current self isn’t equipped to do.

It’s time to learn new doctrines, archetypes and cultures. Embrace the reality that what you have isn't the full picture. When you embrace this, you allow Me to position you. You'll receive the impartation to evolve into a vessel that can contain more of My wisdom and power. Yes, you allow Me to equip you, reprogram you, and settle your feet to establish My Kingdom in this world,” says the Lord.


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