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You’re beautiful to me

Satan wins if you doubt what Jesus put into you.

Perhaps you feel prideful. You don’t want to say, “I believe in myself.” Ok, how about you say, “I believe in Jesus within?” You don’t walk alone! Jesus directs your steps. While you might flounder, He never fails.

So dump the self-doubt the enemy keeps sowing. Cling to faith in who Jesus says you are. He says... you're beautifully and perfectly made. This word by Denise Jordan today is a healing balm on a broken soul. Allow it to mend you.

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You're Beautiful to Me

By Denise Jordan

Today's prophetic word is a reminder that you're perfectly and wonderfully made by God.

I saw a vision of someone looking into a mirror intently. Thoughts of self-doubt and accusations flooded their mind. I heard that person cry out:

“Does anyone see me?”

“Am I good enough?”

“What am I doing wrong?”

“What must I change? God, HELP!”

The reflection in the mirror suddenly changed, and Jesus appeared. He reached out and answered:

“My child, I see you. I love every part of you. I gave you that nose. I gave you those eyes. I made you perfect to My specifications. You’re gorgeous in My sight.

Don’t listen to the lies that are swirling through your head. No, they're of satan who wants to tear you down. He wants to make you doubt. Don’t listen, My child, for he can only tell lies.

Listen to Me. Look closer in the mirror, for you'll see Me in your reflection. My fingerprints are all over you because I made you. I made you perfect, My love.

The reason you worship so much is because life has been tough, but Jesus always showed up.

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Everything about you contains My DNA. So, don’t stand there and give into doubt. Don’t think for a moment that you aren’t enough. Look a little closer and realize that My DNA is in you.

The devil wants to corrupt it. He wants to make you think that you need to come up with a whole new DNA because you’re not good enough yet. He whispers lies to you and tells you to change. He lets you know that you don’t love enough. He lets you know that you don’t give enough and tries to tell you that you don’t hope enough.

Then he simply tells you that you’re not enough. But, My child, you are enough because you’re mine and I made you in My likeness. Don’t forget that.

I made you by My hand. So, shine brightly with My DNA, child. Defeat the lies of the enemy! I see you. Look closer in the mirror, I’m looking back at you. You’re mine and I’m jealous of you.

So, rejoice now! Walk with your head held high and rejoice in Me! AMEN.”

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