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You’re A Truth Bringer - Don’t Let The Enemy Quench Your Fire!

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Last week, I ministered to all the Ezekiel prophets out there (Here’s the recording we did on YouTube). Ezekiels are fire bringers! They’re called to speak the truth, even in opposition. When you don’t know that, you might want to give up. You become weary of the opposition. I understand. You open your mouth and it comes out wrong. Your heart burns for revival and God sends you to a dead church. I see you! This word will ignite that fire again. It gives you permission to be a truth bringer! Watch the video too, please. I want you to FIND YOUR IDENTITY AND CLAIM BACK YOUR VOICE! - WATCH THE VIDEO HERE Love and blessings, Colette Toach

Today's word is for all the Ezekiels in the Church! by Eloise Flanders

It was your brokenness that drew you

to the Lord. In desperation, you reached out to the invisible God and He met you where you were at. Look around you. There are those in the Body of Christ who lack the experience you have with the Lord. They're faced with so much and need the reality of Jesus in their circumstances.

Take your eyes off your problems to meet the needs of God’s people. As you reach out to help others, the Lord will provide you with all you need.

"My child, I heard the cry of my people. I separated you and have raised you up to bring change. Go and shine in the midst of the darkness for them to see. I always send someone to my people. This is why I prepared you to face the systems of the world in the darkest times of your generation. You'll bring the answers they seek. There's nothing new under the sun. The religious system has my people in bondage, and sin is prevalent in the church. My people are being persecuted like in times past. False doctrine is rampant today as it was back then. The enemy cleverly disguised sin and idolatry to be acceptable. But, I gave you eyes to see and My heart to make things right.

I send you out to reveal my truth. I've given you the assignment to bring hope where fear and despair are the norms in My church. Release the force of faith, hope, and love to expose the enemy's works. I'm not the God of doom and destruction. I'm the Father of love and protection. Train them in righteousness. Lead them in the ways I've taught you. Teach them how to develop a relationship with Me and to overcome the troubles they face. Where there is faith, fear won't grow. Your life will bring glory to My name. Bring healing to the broken-hearted. You're the deliverer of this generation," says the Lord.

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