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You’re Fearless! The Devil Can’t Keep You Down!

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

You’re a breed above the rest.

Not cause you're especially skilled. Not cause you're rich or popular. Your superpower is that you never give up! In our current political and social situation... the Lord needs people like you! Believers who get up again no matter what.

We need warriors who press against the odds and love regardless. Today, I celebrate you. Now pick up your sword and get ready for the next assignment because your time is at hand!

Family News:

Speaking of fearless leaders, here’s one in the making! The Lord has already spoken

to us about little warrior, Atticus Kai Beckering - our third grandchild! Craig and I got the precious opportunity to attend his 5D scan a week ago. Guys... I’M IN LOVE!!

If you're determined to never give up, then today's prophetic word is for you!

by Anne Chen

When I prayed for you, I saw a vision of a field filled with bear traps and land mines. There were many people that needed to cross, but they were afraid. But there was one person that was bold enough to go on that journey. They were injured as they walked across the field, but each time, they rose again to keep going.

You're His fearless warrior with a heart that won't stop until His people are set free. Don't get discouraged if your progress seems slow or you don't see results right away. Realize your journey has made a way in the wilderness for His people to walk.

"My child, you're often on the enemy's territory. You've faced much opposition. But I gave you a heart and a will that won't let the enemy take advantage of you. Every trap or mine you diffused allowed another to walk behind you. Though others may see differently, I see a warrior that emerged victorious. I see a heart that burns to set my people free.

Your greatest victory isn't that you run this race with speed or grace. No matter what the enemy threw at you, you always got back up in my strength and not your own. In you, my people have an example of a warrior that fights for others.

Lift your head and see that I'm pleased with you. Your fearlessness is my gift to you. Continue forward with boldness. Feel my hand on your shoulder. Allow my strength to cover you. Let my love keep your eyes on your assignment. No matter where you go, I'm with you," says the Lord.

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