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You Don’t Need To Compare Yourself To Others Because God’s Given You A Special Grace

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

I always wanted to be the “nice guy” like Craig. He can get on with everyone. No one feels intimidated by him at all. Then, there’s me. Even when I try to say it nice, I manage to bring conviction. It took me a while to accept the grace on my life. Today, I appreciate Craig’s grace, and I’m also at peace with my own. I invite you to have this experience too! What you have is unique. Allow this word to help you navigate and then accept your special grace from Jesus. Love and blessings, Colette Toach

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Today's word is to encourage you to overcome your weaknesses! by Eloise Flanders

The Lord is not blind to your Achilles heel. He wants to give you peace where He has positioned you to have success. When the enemy waves your weakness at you, hand it over to the Lord. Rest in His strength.

"My child, I can see your frustration. Your focus is on walking in the grace of others and not your own. You listen to the voice of the enemy that tells you that you're not good enough. I know your end from your beginning. I know what I placed in you. I know the areas that need to develop and where your grace is not. Yet, I have never called you a failure. That is the enemy. It's not up to you to choose your grace. What you have works well where I planted you. So stop trying to force yourself to function where you're not capable.

Rather stand in confidence, in your strength. Work at increasing your gifts and talents. See that I've positioned others to work alongside you, who will complement your grace. It's not bad to desire more skills. It's not a sin to admire the grace of others. But if it becomes your focus, this takes your eyes away from who you are. It opens a door for the enemy to cause strife and disunity. Come to peace with who and what you are right now. I gave you what you need for your call. I'm still revealing more of what I placed in you to go from glory to glory", says the Lord.

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