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You Can’t Save Everyone!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

I was devastated when my student gave up on her call. I’d invested everything into training her to prophetic office. However, halfway through she decided she didn’t want to be a prophet. I felt like I failed God and ran to His presence. There He reminded me that I had no power whatsoever to train! I could only be vigilant for He was the real trainer. I tucked my pride away and put her into the Lord’s hands. I stepped back. That is when the real change began. After a few months, my student returned with renewed fire and conviction. The Holy Spirit reached her better than I ever could. That lesson sticks with me every day. We can only do what Jesus asks of us. The rest is up to Him! May this word bless you today!

Love and blessings, Colette Toach

Ministry News from the Toaches Flying home, I cannot wait to hold my grandson and granddaughter. Craig and I are huge on family and teams. We need one another. As much as I’ve stuffed our suitcases with goodies for them, their lives add to me also. Being a leader isn’t just about what you have to give. It’s also about how much you’re added to by those that follow! Don’t be such a headstrong mentor/leader that you forget that God brought that relationship into your life to change you too! Check out Mentorship 101

Today's Word is for the Pastors in Travail by Denise Jordan

When I prayed today, the Lord showed me a vision of a pastor who was restlessly pacing up and down in their prayer closet. Clearly, this leader had been travailing for someone. I picked up their frustration because no matter what they’d done to try and help this person, it didn’t work. The person remained in a constant struggle.

I hear the Lord calling out to you, pastor:

“My beloved, you haven’t failed. I know you’re exasperated and wondering what you did wrong that the struggle persists for your sheep. You’ve arrived at the letting go point! Not because you failed, but because you’ve given everything you can give. You’ve done everything you can do, and now you need to let go so that the seeds you’ve planted in their heart can take root. When you let go though, know that you’re letting your sheep go into My hands, and I’ll take over. I’ll water the seeds you planted. I’ll send the sun to shine upon them. I’ll pull out the weeds, and I’ll indeed take care. As for you though, you’ve fulfilled your part in this warrior’s journey. I know your heart aches for them. I know you wish you could cause a quick turnaround to finally see them get their breakthrough. But, this is their journey and they need to walk it with Me so that they can rise up into all I’ve planned for them.

You’ve faithfully and lovingly completed your assignment. Now, rest in My arms for a moment so that I can fill your heart up afresh and give you a new sheep to take care of, and new soil to sow into. I’m proud of you, My beloved. Now, come and drink from My well, and eat from My table, and get ready for the next step!” If this word touched your heart because you’re that pastor, I’d like to suggest that you go over to the Toach Ministries store and purchase Apostle Colette Toach’s Today’s Pastor. It will help you work through the process God has you in.

Check out for more!

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