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You Asked Me To Soften Your Heart And Here Is My Answer

The Lord Jesus knows your pain. He knows how hard you find it to trust again. Allow the anointing in this word to minister to you. It will be oil on your broken heart. It will be the hand of Jesus in your life, to melt your walls. The Lord knows that you cannot bring those walls down yourself. That’s why He’s right here for you today. He will do supernaturally, what you can’t do in the natural.

Ending Note:

Don’t stop the experience here! Listen to At Liberty to Love to soak up the anointing and get your full miracle.

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You Asked Me To Soften Your Heart And Here Is My Answer

By Dalton Beckering

Today's Word is for those crying out to the Lord for healing!

I recommend listening to this teaching in alignment with today’s word: Heal The Broken Hearted

Your heart’s desire is to love as Jesus loves. You want His compassion, sincerity, and to accept people as they are. He heard your prayer and arranged the circumstances.

That’s why the pressure suddenly increased. More and more circumstances occur where people upset you and challenge your ability to love. This is an excellent opportunity to gain Jesus’ soft heart. Listen to this word He has for you.

“When you asked me for a soft heart, you expected me to give you a spiritual impartation. But love and compassion are more than spiritual fruit, they are character traits you learn through trials. You haven’t seen these circumstances as a gift yet. But that’s the point… I’m changing your perspective.

My child, you were raised to defend yourself. You believe that if someone wrongs you no one will step in to help you. But this is not true. I will defend you if you let me. That’s how I was never offended. I knew my father saw what happened to me and trusted His protection. Do you trust me?

I will give you a soft heart but only if you give up your battle armor. I will reveal my nature to you but you must humble yourself. Allow yourself to be mistreated in pursuit of love. Once you do, you will see that people do not actually mean to hurt you. And that they do not need to be punished. They need to be loved and healed just like you do.

Surrender your armor for a soft heart. Then I will teach you my ways “

Unfortunately, much of our callousness comes from the hurts of the past. But you need to know that God is actively trying to heal you. You just don’t see it.

Listen to this message. You’ll see how God arranges your healing and allow Him to

nurture you.

Listen now Heal The Broken Hearted

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