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You Are Ready To Be Sent Out!

It gets comfy in the cave! Sure, at first we fight it. The isolation of our process frustrates us. After some time though, it gets bearable. Then comfortable. Then… we call it home. That’s how to know it’s time to shift!

Prophet, God is shifting you! It’s time to move house out of the cave and into the crowd!

Ending Note:

COMING SOON! Look out for our new Prophetic Degree soon to be announced in Fivefold Ministry Campus. If you’re ready to leave the cave, then we’re ready to train you to be armed and dangerous to the devil!

You Are Ready To Be Sent Out!

By Chaifa Berry

Today's Word is for anyone with a calling, you are ready to begin!

God has prepared you for your call, your entire life. Even when you did not know it. From the moment you took your first breath, He began to shape you for the people He called you to reach.

He's led you to have a depth of life experience, and many times it led you into the wilderness. But now, God is calling you out of your wilderness, so that He may send you out,

"My child, the moment you were conceived in the womb, the enemy sought you out. It was then that he sniffed out my plans for your life, and so I hid you in places he would never look. These places were sometimes dark and lonely, but it is in the wilderness my child, that you grew strong in Me. It was there that I hid you from the limelight - that you may learn my voice and that I may protect you from the enemy.

But now the season has changed. It's time to step out into the light and to come out of your wilderness. For indeed, the wilderness is a place you've come to call home - a place where you don't want to leave. But I am calling you out of your hiding place and into the light

You don't have to be afraid to step out. I've prepared you for this season. I've put my power in you and I've anointed you. I've recognized you in front of man, and today I call you out that I may send you out.

Don't shy away from the call on your life. Though it may terrify you, know that you do not go out alone. I'm with you at every turn and every step that you take.

Indeed, from this point on, there is no turning back. You cannot go back to the old, for that season has shut. But ahead of you, is a world that you're called to reach. Ahead of you is an audience that needs to hear My voice through you.

Just as I've always prepared my prophets in hiding, to reveal them in their season, so I've prepared you. And when I deem that you are ready, I send you out. You are ready. Don't be afraid for you have a host of angels at your side.

Just as I've prepared you, so have I prepared the hearts of my people to receive from you. The time to step out is now," says the Lord.

Personal Project:

1. Identify what terrifies you about your call.

2. Recognize that what He has called you to is not your ministry, but His.

3. Give your call - and the people you're called to reach - back into His hands.

4. Ask Him what He would like to do with His ministry and then do it.

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