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You Are Not Unworthy and I Haven't Given Up on You

We all need to hear it. We are valued. Especially when we have failed. The hardest thing to live with is knowing that we have hurt others. Today, Jesus has a very pointed word for you. Let Him heal you. Let Him change you. Let Him forgive you.

Only His blood can undo everything you have done. Your part? To allow Him to do it! So come to the Lord in faith today. He stands ready to heal.

Ending Note:

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You Are Not Unworthy and I Haven't Given Up on You

By Dalton Beckering

Today's word is a reminder that you’ve been placed where you are for a great purpose by God! You have worth!

Your flesh is your most terrifying enemy because it’s capable of anything. You’ve hurt the people you love and you’re afraid you’ll do it again. You know God loves you, but today you feel unworthy of His love.

You can’t change yourself, but you also can’t change God. He loves you and He hasn’t given up on you. His compassion endures despite your failures. Today, He affirms His bond with you. Hear His heart for you:

“My beloved. You’re stronger than you know. You doubt yourself and think that I doubt you. But I do not. I remember the call I gave you. I remember the heart I placed in you. You’re not unworthy. You’re distracted. You long for the things of the flesh instead of coming to me. You seek out distractions instead of seeking my face. You’re not incapable of change, you just haven’t tried yet.

Surrender your distractions. Realize they only fill an empty hole that I’m supposed to fill. You cannot force yourself to love your family or treat them well but you can draw on my strength. You will never have the strength in yourself, you’ll always be dependent on me. But that is how I created you. I want you to remain close to me. I want you to have my heart. Do not despise your flaws. Use them to draw close to me and I will make you perfect.

I haven’t given up on you. I will never give up on you. You’re my child and I am well pleased with you. Now live up to the call I’ve placed on your shoulders and follow me. I’ll lead you and keep you stable”

Don’t believe in your ability to change. Trust in God. You may never beat your flesh in your own strength, but you will have God to empower you. I believe you can do this!

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