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You Are A Doer! This Is Why God Has You In Boot Camp

Updated: May 20, 2022

It’s tempting to get frustrated because God requires more of you than others. However, I came to learn a long time ago that it's because He trusted me more, that He gave me more!

The pressure you face today is because you refuse to back down! You give. You invest! You DO! So allow the Holy Spirit to train you today. Let Him equip you and send you back into the battlefield. Because, if you don’t do it… who will? Love and blessings, Colette Toach P.S. Fight back! Pick up Strategies of War and become battle ready. Break curses, engage in spiritual warfare and release blessing! Get it here:

If you feel burdened today because it seems the Father keeps requiring more of you - this word is for you! by Eloise Flanders

When I came to the Lord for a word for you today, He showed me this vision of you crying out to Him for more. You were consumed with righteous anger and a fire burned within you to correct the flaws you see in the church. You thought to yourself that the ones on the battlefield weren't doing the work correctly and that you have what it takes to go out there to get the job done. What you fail to realize is that you are doing just what He requires of you right now.

It may seem like the job you were given, David is the worst. You are stuck taking care of the tasks that are boring and insignificant, while your brothers are out in the field doing the fun stuff. The Lord wants to remind you that your obedience is doing His will. He set you apart for a season to prepare you out of sight for something greater. Your training has already begun and soon you will see why He kept you aside doing the job that no one else desires to do.

The Lord is saying to you today:

"Be patient with your process, My child. I'm forming you into the kind of warrior who is filled with My righteous anger, tender love, and is a fearless leader to do more than win battles on the battlefield. I'm preparing you to be a leader who will bring real change to My church. Tearing down the works of the enemy is the easy part, but I'm calling you to build a city that cannot be shaken.

So, sit with Me for a while. Allow Me to form the right character and heart in you to do the job. This takes time in My presence. Your mind needs to be renewed and your heart needs to be pure. Allow Me to complete My work in you so you won’t make the same mistakes that you see in the church today. They did not allow Me to complete the shaping and pruning in their lives. I see your passion and I know your heart, but My child, if you go ahead of Me, you will not be doing My will but yours.

I have not forgotten about you. Instead of complaining about all the things you can be doing, realize that I have placed you here for your good. I'm perfecting you in the shadows to do what those before you failed to accomplish. A warrior is not built on the field, My child, but in My presence and by My hand," says the Lord.

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