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Win The War On Your Mind And Don’t Give The Devil Access Ever Again

Updated: May 20, 2022

The enemy sneaks in to steal, kill and destroy. If he can make you doubt what God said, then he wins. This word is a call to fight back! Don’t allow those thoughts of fear and doubt to waylay you! Love and blessings, Craig and Colette Toach

Are you tired of the enemy attacking your mind? Then this prophetic word is for YOU! by Denise Jordan

As I came to write this word, the Lord showed me a vision of a man, crouching on the ground with his fists tightly pressed against his head. I sensed that he had a war going on in his mind. It’s so noisy in his thoughts, that he can’t think a clear thought. If this is what’s happening in your mind at this time, and that’s how you feel, then this word is for you. The Lord says:

These Thoughts Aren’t of Me “My child, this battle happening in your mind isn’t of Me,” says the Lord. “Take heed of the fact that the enemy is sending thoughts your way to weigh you down, and to distract you from the focus that I desire to reveal to you. For I’ve prepared a clear road ahead of you. I‘ve opened specific doors for you to walk through, and I’ve ordained specific people to aid you along the road. Yet, the enemy has come to bring confusion, strife, and he’s brought up a host of problems of his making that are now clouding your mind and preventing you from seeing clearly.

Pick Up Your Sword and Fight

My child, I know the noise is loud, but take a stand! Pick up the sword of the Word in your hand and take these thoughts captive one by one. Bring them into obedience to Me, and snatch them out of the hands of the enemy. Recognize the devil’s ploy and realize that what you are experiencing is warfare. When you stop for a moment, you will realize that every single one of the thoughts consuming your mind, affecting your emotions, and clouding your will, were placed there by the enemy.

I am not the author of confusion, child. I am the bringer of clarity, freedom, and order. Each time you experience chaos in your thoughts, pay attention and realize that the enemy is out to distract you and fill your mind with thoughts that will take you off My focus. Get armed and ready to defeat him now, and rise up to run the race before you,” say the Lord.

Project - Labor Therefore to Enter Into Rest

Whenever the enemy comes at me with all these thoughts that end up affecting my emotions and will, this practical project helps me get on the straight and narrow. I trust it will bless you and lead you to a powerful breakthrough.

1. Get to a quiet spot where it’s just you and the Lord.

2. Begin praying by speaking in tongues and getting the focus off your mind and into your spirit.

3. Out loud, take every thought that raises itself against the knowledge of Christ captive, and bring it under God’s control (2 Cor. 10:5). Do this until a quiet settles upon your mind.

4. Now, this point is crucial. Don’t rush away from the quiet. Stay here a while, and allow the Lord to speak to you. Ask Him what He desires for you to do next, and wait for His answer! It's best if you document His answer in writing so that you can refer to it time and again as you walk forward on your journey.

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