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Whom Shall I Send?

When we get to the place where we’re content with our season, it usually shifts.

Today’s word is one of release. Michael Velthuysen leads our prophetic school and this word comes directly from the throne room! Embrace it!

Ending Note:

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Whom Shall I Send?

By Michael Velthuysen

Today's word comes from the Throne Room, your time of positioning is coming!

As I came to write this daily prophetic word, I saw how the Lord took you out of the shadows and positioned you for the next season in your call. The Lord says to you today,

Whom Shall I Send?

"I'm sending you on a new journey to discover who I've called you to be. So stand boldly and accept this position that I have given you, for indeed the battle is long and the time in preparation was much needed - but today you stand before me as a new vessel. Ready to take on the race with Me by your side. So, come and embrace this new field. For I'm giving you new seed to plant in the soil. The old season is dead, so trust in me to know that I will provide for you, my child.

I’m Equipping You for Your Next Season

Be not afraid of the unexpected, but see my fruit that's about to ripen in your midst. For I've positioned you in the right field, in the right season. The new seeds need fresh water and fresh soil to thrive. Let me take care of you. Let me lay my hand over your wounds and heal you in this next season. For my child, it's only by my hand that you'll succeed. I'm sending you out into this new season to not only get equipped but to draw closer to me to come closer to my people.

They need to hear my voice and today I'm saying to you, I'm sending you - you need to come out of the shadows, my child. No more waiting on the circumstances to come in line. Oh no, it's time for you to take that leap of faith today. So take it! You have the seeds, the sickle, and the water you need to build a thriving field ready for my living water to spread all over it.

Lean on Me!

Get ready for the next season. Get ready for a new impartation and most importantly, get ready to know my voice more clearly than before, my child. Lean on Me this season. Lean on my words and my power. I'll be your equipper and your strength. Come now and let us take this new land by storm," says the Lord.

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