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Warning: Don't take the past with you!

There’s nothing back there for you. There is a reason God closed that door. Perhaps you remember the good old days. Yes, the Israelites remembered the leeks and garlic of Egypt while forgetting the slavery.

Today, we bring you a direct word of warning. Leave the past - in the past! Leave that door closed! I can’t say it any clearer. Allow this word to empower you to leave the past and embrace the new door ahead.

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Warning: Don't Take the Past with You!

By Eloise Flanders

Today's prophetic word is a reminder to keep your focus on what is ahead, not on the past!

In the last while, you went through a series of shifts. A lot has come undone since then. You've journeyed so far.

Your past is on the other side of the Red Sea. Yet, you're looking back. The Lord says, "Don't lose the momentum. Keep your gaze ahead."

What did you expect when the Lord closed the door behind you? Did you think that you would step right into the promised land? Yes, you walked in obedience to get here, the work has now begun.

The Lord says, "Egypt is behind you. Pharaoh and his men are dead. Nothing is holding you back except the captivity in your mind.

The heritage that you had is no more. I've separated you from the cultural archetype and its influence to prepare you for My promise.

But, My child, you can't take old traditions with you. Now you must learn about My tradition and cultural influence. At this starting line, you need to make a choice, leave Egypt behind or die.

You cried out to me and I made a way out for you. I took away the excuses. Allow Me to nurture you in My truth. Why do you struggle to take hold of the things I'm laying before you?

Egypt represented slavery and everything contrary to My will for your life. I arranged people and circumstances to lead you to the place you stand today. Had it been suitable for My promise, I would've had no reason to pull you out.

Today, look ahead and see the promise land on the horizon. See that I went through quite some trouble to set My plan in motion. Recognize My hand at play with every trial you face and the temptation you overcome.

I'm adding to you with every step of faith you take. Look to Me for direction. Seek My face and you'll always be victorious. I'm your compass.

So leave dead things buried. Even in the toughest times, I'm holding your hands. I didn't take you this far without honor. My will is to make your ending greater than your beginning," says the Lord.

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