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Warning! Change Of Season Ahead!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

When God asked me to switch to teaching, I wasn’t impressed! I like my prophetic anointing! I had no clue what lay ahead. I submitted and today, The Way of Dreams and Visions is still my bestseller! It put me on a track to the NextGen Prophets podcast channel we launched in 2021. When we fail to shift our seasons, we miss out on the greater plan. So don’t be afraid that God shut you down. That shutdown is a gift from God! From here... you fly! Love and blessings, Colette Toach P.S. What is your prophetic type? It’s time you accept your prophetic self! Find out who you are at

If you're wondering if the trials you've faced are worth it, then this prophetic word is for you! by Anne Chen

Everyone who achieved success on the battlefield paid a hefty price for it. Mighty warrior, you need to know your passion and dedication have paid off! But the Lord wants more for you than just what you can do. So don’t be alarmed at your change of season. The Lord isn't taking you off the battlefield because He’s displeased with you. Quite the opposite. Every single step of your process made you excellent so you can train others to achieve that same level of excellence. His people need what you have. God gave you the heart to overcome so that you can train and impart that fire to others.

"My child, your sword became sharp from use. Demons trembled when you stepped on the land. You know your grace and how to use your weapons of warfare. Many people desire the zeal and passion they see inside of you. Turn your head to see how much my people need the wisdom you gained from your seasons of travail. You fought hard for every single breakthrough. Now teach others to overcome as you did. I trained your eyes to see strategies on the battlefield. Now, I will train your eyes to see the gold that is inside of each warrior that comes to you. I'll give you my heart to suffer long with them. I'll give you the wisdom to teach. I'll give you the insight to set my people free from the bondages that hold them back. Every tear you shed in your process, I transformed into a balm to soothe their souls.

So put down your weapons of warfare. Be the bread and wine to feed and strengthen all those I bring you. Set your hands into the soil of the hearts of my people. I'll give you seed to produce a harvest of warriors that burn with the same fire and passion as you. Each warrior you train will stand prepared to fight the hordes of hell and take back land from the enemy. Allow me to bring you into this new season. Leave behind the battlefield with your victories and the regrets of the past. Rejoice and look toward the challenges of the future. Pass your fire to the next generation. Train my people to wield their swords, defeat the enemy, and build my Kingdom", says the Lord.

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