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Walk Through The Open Door Before The Season Changes

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

We fly to Texas this month for a TV interview for Christian Television Network. This is possible because of our tribe of sponsors. They've ensured that our podcast stays on the air. So, to show our love and appreciation, Craig and I are amped to announce our next SPONSOR ONLY EVENT!

In the month of May, we have the honor of hosting Charisma Podcast Network President, Dr. Steve Greene. The subject: The Holy Spirit in the Marketplace. As a marketplace apostle, you will receive a powerful impartation. To find out more about Dr. Greene, please visit his blogsite here:

This year Craig and I are invested into our sponsor relationships. Becoming a sponsor with us means being part of our family. I pray we help you feel valued by the investments we make in you! 🥰. BECOME A SPONSOR of the NextGenProphets Podcast

This Word is Your Sign of the Change in your Season, Take the Step Through Your Open Door.

Our connecting flight stopped in Mexico City. We were about to find out how strict they were about boarding times. We were delayed by our previous flight. We were only 2 minutes late to the gate but they refused to allow us to board!

And so the journey began. Back to the ticketing office to reschedule another flight. After hours of delay, we commenced our journey. We all fear missing the boat! Especially when it comes to our walk with Jesus. Well today, I'm sending out a call so that you don't miss. God is calling you to get on board... and quickly!

You've prayed for change. Now God has put a new door ahead of you. Now is not the time to ask if "this is His will." GET ON BOARD! If you've heard God and received confirmation, then it's time to act. I don't recommend missing your connecting flight. God, in His Grace, will reroute you, but I'm pretty sure you don't want to lose that time.

"Don't be afraid to take the step of faith that I call you to today. For what is impossible with man is possible for me. Why do you doubt me, my child? I've already spoken to you and then confirmed the direction. I've told you time and again that I would open the door before you. So now that the door opens, why do you back off?

I place you before an open door and it is time for you to walk through it. Take my hand and cross the threshold between where you are today and where I need you to stand tomorrow. Stop doubting my child. Stop struggling. Do not resist me and do not question the direction I've taken you in. What I have begun, I will finish. All I need you to do is to take a step of faith.

So step out now. This season will not remain forever. A time will come when the door will close and then I'll need to arrange a new open door. Let this confirmation be enough for you to do what you already know in your heart to do says the Lord. Amen"

Much love and blessing

Colette Toach

Spiritual Parent to the Prophets

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