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Use the gifts God’s given you!

We never feel gifted enough. Today though I want to remind you that the portion of anointing you have can save a life! If I waited for the fullness of my teaching anointing before I preached my first sermon, I wouldn’t have preached my first lecture on dreams and visions!

As I used the gift God gave me, the anointing grew! You have enough gifts. USE THEM! When you do, you’ll discover something miraculous. The anointing grows! The more you use the gifts you have, the more their capacity increases. The more anointed you become. So if all you have is a gift of prophecy today… use it! If all you have is speaking in tongues… USE IT! If all you have is compassion…. USE IT! Then watch God bless and increase it!

Ending Note:

It’s not long now before Craig and I head to South Africa for our first ever prophetic retreat. We were there last in 2020 and I was anxious to get home to my twin grand babies that were born 4 months early while away! This time we return for a birth and it’s ON TIME! The birth of the prophetic movement in South Africa! I hope that you will come along with us as we adventure! Be sure to follow me in Facebook or sign up for our Apostle’s Memoirs newsletter for frequent TMI Tribe updates!

Use The Gifts God's Given You!

By Anne Chen

Today's Word is a reminder to not be distracted by what is around you, but to stay focused on what the Lord has called you to focus on!

As I lifted you up to the Lord, I saw a vision of you walking along a path. God led you to some jewels to pick up. Then, instead of continuing on, you began searching for more.

The gems are a gift! But don’t let them become a distraction from running the race that the Lord has for you.

You are God’s greatest gift to His people. Keep your eyes on the road ahead and keep going 🙂 I hear Him saying to you:

"My child, as your father, I've given you many good gifts to bless My people with. I've set your feet upon a path to pull My people from the darkness, heal their hearts, and draw them into My embrace. You don't need more gifts, talents, or anointing. I've made you a precious gift. I've put within you what My people need.

So don't look for lack where there is none. The enemy seeks to distract you from your path with the lure of needing more. Place your trust in Me. I've made you My masterpiece and there is no other like you. So, lift your head and set your focus on the road I've paved for you.

See my people and pour out my love to them. Take joy in every task I give you. Come to Me with their needs and I'll fill you with everything you need to build My Kingdom."

Pour out what you have! To walk more boldly to bless God's people, try this project for a week:

1. Notice the needs of the people around you. It can be spiritual, emotional, or physical.

2. Ask the Lord, how can I help them?

3. The Lord will give you wisdom on how you can bless them. (Do they need prayer, a ride, some encouragement, a good meal?)

4. Act on those instructions from the Lord!

5. At the end of the week, notice a pattern of who and how you helped God's people!

This project is also a great step toward discovering your prophetic type! Check out the 9 Prophetic Types message on the Toach Ministries Store:

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