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Together You'll Be Victorious!

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"And Jonathan climbed up on his hands and knees with his armorbearer after him; and they fell before Jonathan. And as he came after him, his armorbearer killed them." - 1 Samuel 14:13

Every leader desires an armor-bearer, in sync with their every move. To have eyes to see and warn them of dangers they miss. What a dynamic team for the Lord! If only we saw more of this in the Body of Christ.

Today the Lord is calling you to make the first move. You have an honored place as an armorbearer. Before long you will be called to follow your leader into battle. When this happens, will you be ready? Allow the Lord to build your dynamic partnership and shake the gates of hell together.

Ending Note:

If you’re called to be an armorbearer, you need this audio by Colette called the Prophetic Armorbearer. I know it’s going to add the missing pieces.

Together You'll Be Victorious!

By Rebekah Beckering

Today's Prophetic Word is for the armor bearers and the leaders above them!

This word is for the armor-bearers out there. I know the armor you carry is heavy, but as you carry your leader’s armor, you will see God open doors for your Apostle

Just as Jonathan fought against the Philistine garrison with his armor-bearer, God has called you to battle with your Apostle. You will see the enemy around you flee, but that requires you to trust in the instructions of your Apostle

“Armor bearer, I have place you and your Apostle on a journey together. Your journey will not make sense to you, but I am forging your bong. By the end, you will be in tune with each other. You must know your Apostles strengths and weakness and they must know yours. When you go into battle together, there will be no gaps for the enemy to get in between you.

The enemy will try and get in the way of the Apostle I have placed you under. For the Apostle I have given you to is young and seeking me for my blueprints. They are learning how to lead and direct. Hold on, be patient, and be loyal. It’s through the two of you I will arrange change in my church. I will bring others to model after you, but it starts first with following my instructions.”

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