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 This Shut Door Isn't Of Me. Press In!

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

If I believed everyone who told me my hurdle was God telling me “to let it go” I wouldn’t be here!

You know what you heard from the Lord. So don’t allow yourself to be distracted. Press in! Don’t take that closed door as the end of the story. All Jesus asks for today is your faith. Stand up! Fight back and see your promise through.

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This Shut Door Isn't Of Me. Press In!

By Nathan Berry

Today's Word is for the believers being restricted from their promises by circumstances! Push through!

This word is for you, if you've been believing God for His promise and all your circumstances tell you that you have to keep waiting. You've been fighting thoughts, "Now isn't the time. I have to just wait for another open door. This was the wrong opportunity." This word has come to shake the lies of the enemy out of your mind and bring a breakthrough to your circumstances!

Mr. Circumstance, You Must Bow!

"My child, your circumstances are in rebellion to my promise on your life. I told you that I would open a door before you to gain skills to further your calling. I told you that I would lead you into the correct environment and relationships you need for the furthering of my kingdom.

Yet, you continue to see doors close before you and relationships lost one after the next. This is not my hand leading you. Stand against these attacks. Do not believe for one moment that this is my hand removing the old to make room for the new.

It's Time To See The Promise

You have already gone through a season of stripping off the old. I removed what I needed, but now I intend to add to you. If you believe this is my hand, you will allow the enemy to steal from you the treasures needed for this new road ahead of you.

So, pick up the promise I gave you and expect it to come to pass once again. Don't make excuses for why you don't see it. Have faith. Believe for my hand to break through the rebellious circumstances and to bring them in line with my plan," says the Lord.


Apply your faith as a force against those hindrances. Get your hands on Progressive Faith - The Power to Make Things Happen

We all know that faith is an action. However, we don't really know how to "take" that action. Apostle Colette sat us all down and showed us how to take that action, and what we needed to do in order to "use" our faith and "shoot" it at our targets.

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