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This Roadblock Is Not A Sign That You Missed Me

You’re not the only one who doubts themselves when things get tough. This is a play of the enemy. He wants you to think you missed God. He wants you to give up. So don’t see this problem as a sign from God. See it for what it REALLY is… a sign from the devil! Don’t fall for his ploy today. You got this!

Ending Note:

I’m up to my ears in laundry this week. We’re packing for our ministry trip to South Africa. If you’re in the region, I hope we get to see you. Visit our events page to see when and where you can connect!

This Roadblock Is Not A Sign That You Missed Me

By Anne Chen

Today's Word is for those feeling discouraged by the opposition coming against them. Don't let the enemy stop you!

We’ve all seen it in the movies! The hero falls into quicksand. Your natural instinct is to fight to get out, but the more you struggle to escape, the deeper in you sink. When pressures and trials come your way, it can often feel the same. You can exhaust yourself trying to figure a way out by yourself, but God has a better solution for you. Come to peace. You're in His hands. He knows exactly what He's doing!

"My child, you think you've wandered off the path that I have for you, but the opposite is true. It's because you've walked in obedience that you find yourself where you are now. The pressures and problems that have come upon you are not meant to crush you but to wear down your flesh. Only when you have exhausted your strength can I answer your prayer to give you mine.

Every pressure reveals your limitation so you can embrace the gifts that I want to give you. Your desperation is what allows me to come and fill your lack. So come to me empty and I'll fill you. Come to me poor and I will give you my riches. Step out in your weakness and I'll cover you. Open your hands and heart to me and I'll equip you with what you need for the road ahead.

I gave you the hunger to build my Kingdom. So let me give you more of my power to accomplish what I have put in your heart to do. Approach each pressure with my eyes and realize it is your faith that has brought you to this place. Don't forget I'm the one who ordered your steps. My strength will become yours as you continue to walk forward. Allow me to take you through this process and soon you'll be ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead says the Lord."

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