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This Is Your Year To Build And Know Your Place In The Church

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Calling every pastor, prophet and apostle out there! What fruit do you want to see by the end of the year? Then what you build today matters! The task might feel daunting. So instead of trying to “do it all” put just one brick on the ground. Begin building with the one piece you have and watch God move! Love and blessings, Colette Toach

This prophetic word is for you if you are getting ready to build for the Lord! by Eloise Flanders

As I came to the Lord today, He gave me this picture of a house being built. Everyone was assigned specific tasks. Each person was in the process of carrying out the functions of their tasks. While one was mixing the cement, another carried it to the house. One man laid down the bricks and the other plastered it in place. With everyone doing their part the building was coming along beautifully. Yet, there were a few trying to figure out where to begin. While some were occupied and focused on doing what was required of them to do, there were those who did not quite know where they fit in. The Lord is saying to you today:

"My child, I have a specific task for you. I have been preparing you for some time and now it is time to apply your skills and anointing to the building of My Kingdom. You may think that you have nothing to offer but if you take a moment you will realize that even the circumstances the enemy meant to destroy you with, I have used to shape you. The wisdom and skills that you have acquired over time are needed in My church right now.

So, look around for the opportunities that I have arranged for you to add to My church. You may think you were only called to clean the floors but I am showing you that you are capable of much more. Where you may have seen failure, I see potential. Allow Me to reveal to you how and where you can add to building something that will remain. Look closely at what I have allowed you to go through again and again. Where can you apply that wisdom and skill that has brought you to where you are now? Who can benefit from the wisdom you have now?

As you open your eyes for opportunities, the wisdom and skills will flow naturally out of you. You do not have to strive to fit in, My child. I have a place just for you. There you will feel accomplished and you will flourish. Your gift will make way for you. It may not be what you thought you were called to do. But when you step into it, you will see that you have been trained for it all along."

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