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This Is A Call To Spiritual Warfare

Updated: May 20, 2022

Prophets, our place is on God's spiritual battlefield. This call for war comes in perfect time. I know that many on this list have felt the call of the Father to take up arms in the Spirit. This is where all war is won. Let this word empower you!

I invite all the prophets to collaborate and stand in agreement on our Community of Apostles and Prophets. The storm surrounding every nation has only begun. We are called to be God's first line of defense. We got our work cut out for us. The good news is that we don't fight alone. We have one another! #LetGo! Love and blessings, Craig and Colette Toach

If you are being called to the battlefield then this prophetic word is for YOU! by Deborah-Anne Velthuysen

In today's time of prayer, the Lord showed me a vision straight out of a war movie. I saw Jesus looking over specific prophets who had been drafted to stand against spiritual warfare. They were hunkered down in these muddy trenches feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. However, despite the muck covering them, their weapons looked as if they were in mint condition.

When I asked the Lord about this He turned to me with a huge grin and, rather cheekily, replied, "What? Did you think I would send My prophets to war with regular weapons? These are My heavenly weapons of warfare, they will never wear out."

He then turned to the prophets in the trenches and called them to attention saying:

"Arise My prophet, for your weapons of warfare are mighty, indeed. I have not placed you in the midst of these attacks so that you may sit in the trenches firing your weapons, but to go out and take the land. Take up your weapons of warfare, step outside and begin to battle on My terms instead of the enemy's.

For the attacks of the enemy are overwhelming, but only when you sit still, allowing the enemy to target your position. Once you step outside the trenches you'll see every pattern of his attacks and will be able to counter them. Take your head out of the sand and confront the warfare head-on. I'll cover you, so don't fear, for you are equipped with heavenly weapons that cannot be tampered with. They won't rust or wear out.

It's time to become strategic in your attacks. Identify where the enemy keeps attacking you. Assess the damage and begin to put strategies in place to counter him. For I have already given you an entire playbook of strategies to apply, but they must be applied to the corresponding attack to be effective.

Study these attacks, apply strategy, and then attack. It is truly so easy for I have already promised you the victory. This battle you are facing is a skirmish the enemy wishes to turn into a war, so place him under your feet and stand in My authority. I'll give you the wisdom and eyes to see if you take a moment to look up from your trench and step out. I'm with you, and I won't let the sun go down until the war is won."

Victory is assured to you, prophet, for the King of kings leads you to war and He has equipped you with heaven's finest. Stand up and take your warfare to a new level, one the enemy cannot hope to win against!

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