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The Time Of Refining Is Over. God Says Launch

Updated: May 20, 2022

You’ve been on the potter’s wheel for a long time. Today the Lord wants you to know that you qualify! It’s time to build. This word will transition you from the potter's wheel to the building site! Love and blessings Colette Toach P.S. Grab a copy of Called to the Ministry to launch your ministry. This book will confirm your call and open ministry doors for you. Get it here:

Are you ready to transition? This Prophetic Word is For You! by Nathan Berry

You Have Already Been Shaped

“My child, though you feel the heat of the furnace all over you, this is not for the purpose of refining you. I am not shaping you. You are not on the potter’s wheel being made into a new image. The heat of the furnace that is upon you is meant to solidify you into the image that I have already molded you to be.

Another season will come for more shaping, but that season is not now. Now, it is time for you to be used in the image that you are today. It is time to reach those whom I have asked you to reach today. Then, once you have completed this task, I will shape you again to reach a new audience.

It’s Your Season to Build

So, go out and give what you have. Do not wait for the perfect time for Me to use you. I desire to use you today. I desire to speak through you now. I desire to meet the needs of My people around you in this very moment. There are many crying out to Me for help, and I have given you what they need.

Do not sit on the sidelines waiting for someone better to step in and do the job. I put you in position. I brought in line the circumstances. I readied My people for the message you have. Build what I have given you to build. Put the puzzle piece in place. Now is the hour that you have been waiting for," says the Lord.


1. Identify where the Lord has placed you (in the workplace, in your home, in your ministry). What authority have you been given in said position?

2. What can you do today with the position and authority you have to build the kingdom where you are?

3. Build TODAY!

As you step out to build what God has given you to build today, you partner with God to establish His Kingdom and bring His presence where you are. He will give you more to build for tomorrow.

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