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The Time Of Harvest Is Over. The Time to Build Your Storehouse Has Come

You can’t stay in the field forever! If your provision dried up, don’t panic! God just shifted you. It’s time to prepare for rain by building a storehouse. Today’s word is powerful! It will align your faith with God’s plan. Stop walking forward and looking back. No! PREPARE FOR THE ABUNDANCE! Forget about the miracles of the past and look forward to the abundance ahead.

The Time Of Harvest Is Over. The Time to Build Your Storehouse Has Come

By Jessica Toach

Today's Word brings direction to those who have been seeking God for it!

You feel a shift in your circumstances. You know your time and season are changing you are waiting for God to give you direction. Today God is speaking to you. It is time to get ready for battle.

"The season of plenty is over my child for the steams that you relied on has dried up. For the season to build your storehouse has come. This is not the time to celebrate and dance in the streets it is the time to put on your armor and prepare for battle.

Do not be caught unaware my child. For the enemy comes when your heart is glad to deceive you and draw you like a sheep to the slaughter. But you are stronger than him my child. For you can overcome him

I have already given you victory over the battle my child. You must go into battle with your weapon ready and mind focused. Do not be caught unaware. Seek me for the battle plan that will overcome him. Come meditate on my words that I may sharpen your mind so it will not fall pray to the lies of the enemy.

For the enemy will come like a lion. but you do not need to be moved for you will overcome him through my strength and the power that I have placed on your lips. So speak my words and tear down his forces, uproot his strongholds and spade the land that he has possessed."

Get ready for battle and pick up your Godly Strategies. Get the Strategies of War book from Apostle Colette Toach. Buy your copy here. Your victory is at hand!

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