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The Perfect Time Is Now! You're Ready!

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

I was very insecure.

So when God sent Craig and me abroad, I shook in my boots! It was one thing to stand behind the podium. It was another to break new ground on foreign soil.

Just as well Jesus believed more in me than I did in myself.

When Craig and I landed on Swiss soil 2001 I had more at my disposal than I imagined. Today I'm the proud spiritual mom of some fire-starting swiss leaders!

Do you feel prompted to take a step of faith? Then receive what Apostle Nathan has to share in this word today. Jesus believes in you and you're more prepared than you realize! Love and blessings Colette Toach P.S. Craig and I parent, pastor, and mentor our associates in Fivefold Ministry Campus. Sign up and join our fire-starting fivefold ministry tribe! Click here:

Has God called you to the nations? This Prophetic Word is For You! by Nathan Berry

This word is for those that desire to be ready in and out of season. When you follow the instructions the Lord gives you, you'll always be equipped for future seasons of your life. Incline your ear to His word. Then, put on your running shoes. It's time to take action and prepare yourself for the coming season.

Progress to the Next Step

"My child, it's time to progress to the next step. Don’t be discouraged about the failed steps that you've taken up to this point. Don't allow the mistakes you've made in the past to stop you from continuing to walk forward today.

Every one of your steps has brought you to the place where you are. With each step, you received more tools and experience in your life and ministry. Now it's time to put everything you've received into practice. Take the knowledge, the wisdom, and the understanding you gained in seasons past and use them daily.

The Perfect Time is Now

Don't wait to receive more, my child. Don't allow another day to pass you by and not have used the tools in your hands. There will not be a perfect opportunity. There will just be many opportunities that you must grab hold of.

If you stand frozen in inaction, this season will pass by and you'll have to play catch up in this next coming season. Realize that every step you take builds on the next. Every season you enter is one that will need the tools and experiences of the previous season.

Take the portion of wisdom you have now and use it. Take that knowledge you gained and build with it today. Then, when tomorrow comes, you'll find yourself equipped and ready to walk into the new season. You'll enter your next season with confidence because you spent time building what you could in this season", says the Lord.


  1. What instruction(s) has God given you for your ministry and/or workplace this year?

  2. List the instructions you have followed and those you have not.

  3. Looking at your list of unfollowed directions, make deadlines for each to be followed. Start working to follow the first direction today.

As you work towards following the directions that God has given you today, you'll simultaneously prepare yourself for the tasks that God has for you tomorrow.

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