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The Lord Has The Playbook For The Race Ahead

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Often, we get so excited about the new direction; we are out the door before the Lord can tell us in which direction we need to go.

Today the Lord wants to help you prepare for the journey ahead. Stay long enough to get you complete instructions this time. Your emotional excitement will only get you so far, but the Lord’s instruction will lead you to completion.

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The Lord Has The Playbook For The Race Ahead

By Chaifa Berry

Today's Word is for those who feel they've gone past what God has told them, this is your sign to return!

Have you ever run ahead of God and acted on a revelation, before He finished speaking? You run into a dead end before you realize that you needed more instruction.

Today God coaches you on how to run the race that’s set before you. All is not lost if you’ve made some mistakes. God says,

“For indeed, the race was set before you and you sprinted ahead. With all your might, you set out with your mind fixed on the finish line. Yet, you forgot to study the map of the race track. You were surprised by the twists and turns on the road. You discovered that power and speed do not win this race, but endurance.

Yet, I have not forsaken you, child. I saw the turns that you’d miss. There is nothing you’ve done that has surprised Me. Neither are my arms too short to save you.

For I knew you would run to Me for answers. I am the one who gives you the race to run, and so too, I also know how you should run it. I know where the finish line lies, when to propel with power, and when to save your energy for a bigger hill up ahead.

Indeed, there is so much wisdom that I want to give you, but this time do not run off without receiving wisdom from me. Come empty of knowledge and I will fill you up with wisdom. I cheer you on, as a coach to a runner. As you listen and do as I say, you will succeed,” says the Lord.

Personal Project:

1: What race is set before you today?

2: List the strategies and wisdom that God has given you, to run this race.

3: What knowledge and wisdom do you lack still?

4: Ask God for it. Listen and do as He says.

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