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The Gun to Begin the Race has Gone Off. Now RUN!

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

I am running hard already this year and I sure hope that you are running alongside me. This word is going to add some spiritual strength to your race! Read and apply the project at the end. Let’s run this race together shall we? Love and blessings Colette Toach P.S. Are you connected on our Apostolic Network? Sign up and fellowship with likeminded fivefold ministers from all over the world!

If you are ready to run your race then this Prophetic Word is For You! by Nathan Berry

As I sought the Lord, I saw many people running a race. I saw some running in straight lines and others all over the place. I saw some confused about the direction in which they ran and others confident. One thing was for sure of all the runners: They had all received the message that it was time to run with all their might. This word from the Lord today is to all those who have received the directive from the Lord that now is the time to run the race set before them:

Follow My Lead “My child, I’ve put a fire in you to run. Yet, this race is not one that will be given to the fastest runner. This race is not one that will be handed over in victory to the one who planned the best. This race will be won by those who follow My lead, My directions, and My instructions. This race will be won by those who run when I say run, stop when I say stop, and turn when I say turn. The year ahead is not one for you to accomplish all that you believe you have to accomplish. This year ahead is one where I will accomplish, for My kingdom, the things that I need to accomplish. I need your hands and feet to help Me establish My kingdom in this land. So, as you run the race that is before you, realize that you are running for the kingdom's sake and not for your specific ministry, business, or family.

Run to Fulfill My Promise to the Universal Church

This is not a race that you will run to accomplish the promises I’ve given you. This is a race that you will run to accomplish the promises that I have given to My church. Note that I will take you in directions that are unfamiliar and uncomfortable to you. I will align specific relationships in your life that you may not fully comprehend.

Everything that will happen in this year is for the fulfillment of My kingdom and to accomplish the plans that I desire to accomplish for this world. So, allow Me to redirect you and reroute you again and again, if needed. This year, I desire you to run for Me and as Me. My people have prayed and sought Me for help. I am leaning on you to help Me to answer the prayers of My universal church”, says the Lord.


  1. Write down the last 3 directions God gave you. One from your boss, one from your pastor/spiritual covering, one direct order from the Lord. (You can use any figure of authority over you, if you do not have a boss or pastor.)

  2. Write down everything that you desire to accomplish and the promises that you are personally holding onto for this year.

  3. Bring the directions you received from question 1 and all your own desires and hopes from question 2 before the Lord in prayer. Lay down all of the plans and desires that you have. Take a moment to let them go and give the Lord license to bring them to pass or not. Then, make sure your focus is on His direction and His plan.

  4. Reach out to the Holy Spirit to empower you to carry out His directions under His guidance and anointing.

  5. Step out and begin to run the race under the specific directions you've been given.

This project will help you to see, in black and white, your own plans and desires that have the potential of getting in the way of God's plans for this year. Keep note of these things so that you can continually put your own plans aside throughout the year and stay focused on what God desires to do. As you do this, you will find yourself being used of God more powerfully than before because the Holy Spirit will infuse you with His power to ensure the plan of God is carried out.

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