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The Enemy's Attack Is No Match, Use Jesus And His Weapons Of Warfare To Stand In Victory

The enemy is no fool, he knows your potential! He knows if you come at him with the weapons Jesus gave you, he does not stand a chance. Instead, he will try and get you to doubt your abilities, in hopes you will put down your sword and just surrender.

The Lord is reminding you today, to pick up your sword and fight! You are victorious, and with Jesus, nothing can stand in your way!

Ending Note:

Happy New Year! May this year be one of much favor and blessing. We just release part two of the New Year’s word, by Colette.

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The Enemy's Attack Is No Match, Use Jesus And His Weapons Of Warfare To Stand In Victory

By Eloise Flanders

Today's Prophetic Word is here to motivate the prayer warriors to stand up, take their sword and fight!

"But you, Lord, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high." - Psalm 3:3

As I sought the Lord for a word for you today, He showed me a massive storm. I saw the Lord sending you out as a fearless leader to rescue His children in the eye of the storm. You took up your sword in this vision and fearlessly went out on command.

"My child, I am calling you to arms. I am sending you to lead My people to safety. But do not stop there. Teach each one not to be oblivious to the enemy’s devices.

You have mastered storms and now have the experience of navigating others through them. Train my people in the art of spiritual warfare. Educate them on how to remain under My protection. In so doing, the enemy's work will not affect them.

I am their hiding place. In Me, all wisdom is found. I am their place of safety in these evil days. They must know that they are not defenseless. They must not fear what they see around them but stand in truth.

Have I not said My grace is plenty to those who trust in Me? An Equipped Body brings unity and a force to be reckoned with. When acquainted with spiritual things, warfare is most effective.

I delight in being a shield and banner to My children. I desire to see all walk in victory over the powers of darkness. I am coming back to a righteous church.

Faith tramples fear every time. I foretold of this day. Find safety in Me. The Lord says the gates of hell can not prevail over My Church."

Thanks for reading!

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